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Chemical Engineering: Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety on Campus

The resources on this page are provided for informational and educational purposes only.  If you have questions about Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS Online, please contact Jeremy Sheeder, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at 812-877-8146.

Chemical Safety

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)) are documents that describe how to safely handle, store and dispose of chemicals.  They include information on the product and company identification, hazards identification, composition / ingredients, first aid measures, firefighting measures, accidental release measures, handling and storage, exposure control / personal protection, physical and chemical properties, stability and reactivity, toxicology, ecology, disposal considerations, transportation, regulations, and other information.


Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) include information on: 

1) Product and company identification
2) Hazards identification
3) Composition / Information of ingredients
4) First aid measures
5) Firefighting measures
6) Accidental release measures
7) Handling and storage
8) Exposure control / personal protection
9) Physical and chemical properties
10) Stability and reactivity
11) Toxicological information
12) Ecological information
13) Disposal considerations
14) Transportation information
15) Regulatory information
16) Other information