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Business Resources: Databases and Journals

Resources Pertaining to business, marketing, and economics.

Company Research

When searching for information on a company it is best to know the full name of the company plus any abbreviations, alternative spellings, and stock ticker symbols used by the company. Companies that operate in more than one country or more than one language are more likely to have alternative spellings of the company's name.

It is also best to know if the company is a public company, private company, family-owned company, foreign-owned company, parent company, company owned by another company, or a company that has changed names due to an acquisition, merger, and/or consolidation.

Company information can often be found in the newspapers, news releases, annual reports, journal articles, company websites, registers, patents, etc. 

Other Resources

Company Websites

Company News and Profiles 

Historical Information

Local Economic and Business Journals


  • U.S. Registered Companies: EDGAR