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RH-330 - Technical & Professional Communications: Cross-Disciplinary Project

These are good starting points for Tech Comm. You may want to dig a little deeper into some of the other Research Guides for further information if needed.



Indiana Department of Environmental Management:

Indiana Water Monitoring Council:

Indiana Watershed Leadership Program:

Purdue University Extension Office:

United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

United States Department of Agriculture:

United States Environmental Protection Agency:

Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District:

World Health Organization:


Indiana Lakes, Rivers, and Water Sources:

Map of Otter Creek Township, Vigo County, Indiana:

Otter Creek Base 

Otter Creek, Vigo County, Indiana: Otter Creek Topo Map in Vigo County, Indiana (

Otter Creek Watershed:

US Rivers Map:

 Wabash Drainage



Selected No-Till Farming Practices Articles

Selected Cover Crop Farming Practices Articles

Selected Repair / Maintenance of Septic Systems Articles

Operating and Maintaining an Onsite Sewage System:

Septic Systems and Their Maintenance:

Selected Watershed Articles

Characterizations of a Healthy Stream:

Monitoring Water in Indiana: Choices for Nonpoint Source and Other Watershed Projects:

Factors Influencing Stream Health:

The Otter Creek Project:

Understanding Factors Influencing Farmers' Engagement in Watershed Management Activities:

Using Social Indicators to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Outreach in Two Indiana Watersheds:

Water: Rivers & Streams.


Selected Articles on Conservation and Psychology

People, place, behavior, and context: A research agenda for expanding our understanding of what motivates farmers' conservation behaviors:

Toward a theory of farmer conservation attitudes: Dual interests and willingness to take action to protect water quality: