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An Introduction to Science Fiction

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List of authors currently in the collection

  • Aldiss, Brian Wilson
  • Anderson, Poul
  • Anthony, Piers
  • Asimov, Isaac
  • Blish, James
  • Brackett, Leigh
  • Bradbury, Ray
  • Bradley, Marion Zimmer
  • Brooks, Terry
  • Brunner, John
  • Burroughs, Edgar Rice
  • Butcher, Jim
  • Campbell, Jack
  • Campbell, John Wood
  • Card, Orson Scott
  • Cherryh, C.J.
  • Christopher, John
  • Clarke, Arthur C
  • Conklin, Groff
  • Delany, Samuel R
  • Dick, Philip K
  • Dickson, Gordon R
  • Eddings, David
  • Ellison, Harlan
  • Farmer, Philip Jose
  • Goodkind, Terry
  • Harrison, Harry
  • Heinlein, Robert A
  • Herbert, Frank
  • Hobb, Robin
  • Hoyle, Fred, Sir
  • Jordan, Robert
  • King, Stephen
  • Knight, Damon
  • Koontz, Dean
  • Kuttner, Henry
  • Lackey, Mercedes
  • laumer, Keith
  • Le Guin, Ursula K
  • Leiber, Fritz
  • Leinster, Murray
  • Lovecraft, H.P.
  • Martin, George R.R.
  • McCaffrey, Ann
  • Meyer, Stephenie
  • Niven, Larry
  • Norton, Andre
  • Pohl, Frederik
  • Reynolds, Mack
  • Salvatore, R.A.
  • Silverberg, Robert
  • Simak, Clifford D
  • Simmons, Dan
  • Smith, E.E.
  • Sturgeon, Theodore
  • Van Vogt, A.E.
  • Vance, Jack
  • Vonnegut, Kurt
  • Weis, Margaret
  • Wells, H.G.
  • Williamson, Jack
  • Zelazny, Roger 

Science Fiction Themes and Trends


Alternative History – one or more historical events have occurred

Apocalyptic & Dystopian – how the world ended or do you wish it

Military – space warriors

Space Opera – drama on the largest stage possible

Short Stories & Anthologies – an exploratory mission

Action-packed – bookshelf blockbusters

Heartwarming – feel-good stories

Stylistically Complex – in pursuit of challenging reads

Thought-provoking – what does the future hold if … ?

Humorous – in space, no one can hear you chuckle

World-building – immerse yourself in these richly detailed worlds

Artificial Intelligence – robots

Aliens & First Contact – what happens when humanity encounters alien life?

Generation Ships – life aboard a ship meant to bring settlers to a new colony

Hostile Planets – when the ship reaches its destination, it isn’t always pretty

Space Horror



Afrofuturism & African Futurism – re-creating the narrative

Classics … in Space – retellings of classic myths and reinterpretative of ancient heroes

Interrogating Imperialism – striking back at the Empire

Parallelism – there is only one you … in this universe

Mystery & Thriller – the robot butler did it

Romance … in Space – aliens need love, too

Reads like Classic Science Fiction – dust off a good trope

Television & Film Adaptation – interpreting older titles for fresh audiences



IGNYTE Awards -

Hugo Award -

NEBULA Award -

The Arthur C. Clarke Award -

Fantasy Themes and Trends


Epic – high stakes, original worlds

Afro – African American

Science – spaceships, dragons, etc.

Urban – magic in the big city (real or fantasy city)

Dark – blend fantasy and horror/terror, goth

Magical Realism – fiction with a magical twist

Alternate History/Historical Fantasy – reimagined history with a magical twist

Worldbuilding – the many pieces that make the incredible whole

Systems of Magic – hard magic vs soft magic, etc.

Fantastic Creatures – dragons, centaurs, gnomes, etc.

Heroic Tales – heroes in imaginary lands

War and Magic – epic battles, wars, & fights – all with magic

Magical Items – cool swords and more

The Gods Provide – religion plays a big part in the world building and magic of the book

Loss/Return of Magic – what happens when magic is in peril?

Scum and Villainy – working class, but magic

Court or Political Intrigue – backstabbers and ladder climbers



All Things Witches – double, double toil , and trouble…

Romantic – love and magic

Dark Academia – smart but sullen; effortlessly cool schools/magic

Re-Centering the Narrative – non-Eurocentric stories are coming to the fore

Retelling & Reimagining – old stories remade, folklore, history, etc.

Cozy – low stakes magic that makes you feel good



Book to screen and video game adaptations

Graphic adaptations and original comics

Cross genre appeal

Board games/video games



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NEBULA Award -

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