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Introduction to Research Methods: Databases and Journals

Need a Journal Article We Don't Have?

The Logan Library's journals are listed in the Journal Finder.  If the Logan Library does not have the journal article that you need, you can request it using an Interlibrary Loan request form.  Please allow 1-5 days for articles.

Good starting points for articles

These are good starting points to find articles for your Tech Comm research project.  Databases are listed according to relevance.  If you are not able to find what you need, try looking through some of the other Research Guides such as the "Engineering Guide."

Newspaper Databases

Newspapers can be an excellent means of finding out about similar projects that have been implimented.  For instance, some cities, including Terre Haute, have launched hydrid vehicle bus fleets.  These articles will often include information on the cost and what savings can be expected.  NewsBank allows you to narrow down by state or even by newspaper.  It includes the Indianapolis Star.  Newspaper Source has full text to the Terre Haute Tribune Star for 2007-2008.  2009 can be accessed through their website.  The New York Times in our nation's record and top newspaper.