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SAE Digital Library: SAE Ground Vehicle Standards

Guide to using the digital library and how to access full-text documents.

Using Ground Vehicle Standards

SAE publishes a number of standards.  We purchase the Ground Vehicle Standards (also known as the J-Standards) on CD.  They can be searched through the SAE Digital Library but you will need to come to the library to gain access to full text.  You can also search for them in the library. 

  • Find standards. 
You can find standards that you want by searching the Digital Library.

  • When you find a Standard that you want, print out the citation or write down the standard number which starts with a J.

  • To retrieve J Standards, (or to also search for them), go to the Dell Computer located next to the large conference room in the library.

  • Log-in and click the desktop icon for SAE Ground Vehicle Standards.

  • You can now search by keyword or by Standard Number.  We only have full text availability for the Ground Vehicle J Standards.  These are up to date as of October 2012.